Venus Factor $47 4/5



Quick Snapshot:

  • Helped me lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks!
  • The most comprehensive weight loss and muscle building solution for women online
  • One on one coaching
  • Cuts the fat and sculpts the bod
  • Boosts female metabolism

What is it in a nutshell? this is the weight loss solution that helped me lose 30 pounds and what prompted me to begin getfitmadam.  This is definitely the most polarized product on my site.  People have a lot of opinions; both good and bad about Venus Factor.  Well I’m living proof that it’s not just a good fit, it’s an amazing fit!

John Barber, created the Venus Factor as a 12 week weight loss solution exclusively for Women (sorry gents.) After extensive consultation with experts in female physiology, nutrition and biology.  His end product is nothing short of brilliant.

Learn more on the official website

                    Ok…can you possibly elaborate?

Here’s what your getting when your purchase Venus Factor:

  • The 12 Week Fat Loss System
  • The Venus Factor virtual nutritionist
  • The Venus Factor work out system
  • Venus Factor 101
  • Special Bonuses

Your also getting info on workouts, podcasts, nutritional information, videos, and one on one chats with a real person!  This is definitely the most elaborate solution on my site as there is a lot to take in, but it’s well worth it.

John’s whole concept is to trigger fat melting metabolism.  He’s also all about using a two part process;  the first being weight loss and fat removal.  The second being body shaping and muscle toning.

His focus is creating the ideal body shape for your specific size and proportions.  Workouts are done about three times per week and can be executed in the comfort of your living room.  They can get rather intense, but it never hurts to break a sweat.

Now there is a lot of complicated scientific research that went into this solution (which I won’t even begin to explain,) but the great thing is, he lays it out in a simple manner for us not so scientifically inclined.


All will be revealed, click here!

                 What isn’t so good?

As mentioned, this is for sculpting.  If your looking to lose a few quick ones, then you may not want to invest your time and $, an alternative solution would be Six Minutes to Skinny.

Additionally, this does take dedication, the results are fully possible, but you need a little ‘chutzpah’ in order to succeed.

Finally, it’s just for the ladies, sorry guys.

  Why do I think it’s so great?

Well if you want a fully immersed and intensive solution, this would definitely be the product for you.  This is an investment in a total package solution, they’ve seriously thought of everything, I was quite blown away.  My progress throughout the 12 weeks were astounding (as you can see in my before and after.)

I’m also a big fan of the one on one coaching and interaction with the thousands of Women who have been through the process.  Where else can you jump online and be able to chat with an expert or fellow user about the solution your tackling?  Very progressive if you ask me.

Most importantly though, I love how Venus Factor is tailored to your specific size and weight.  They understand not all women are naturally size 0’s standing at 5’10.  I’m simply astonished with the detail and thought with this total weight loss and muscle building solution.

Take an in depth look below

Get your fitness on!


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