Skinnylicious Cooking $27 4/5


                               skinnylicious-cookingQuick Snapshot:

  • The best digital cookbook for dietary concerns, weight loss and delicious recipes
  • Over 370 pages of fat burning, gluten/soy/wheat/sugar free recipes
  • Educates us on common dieting myths
  • Recipe quick lists and grocery lists

What is it in a nutshell?

Ok….before I get into the goods, anyone who knows me, knows I’m somewhat of a die-hard foodie.  I live and breath the universal passion known as food.  I’m also constantly scouring book stores and the internet for new cookbooks and food related prose.  My partner in crime, just so happens to be a foodie, gluten intolerant and ridiculously serious about fitness and health; therefore, when I first encountered Flavia Del Monte’s digital cookbook, I knew I had found something special.

Flavia Del Monte is a Mom and Wife, but more publicly known as ‘Flavalicious’ and the creator behind the best-selling female workout systems, Full-Body-Licious, Curvalicious and Muscilicious.  She, like most of you reading this, also loves food.  It all began when Flavia (who as a registered nurse) fell into the bad habits of shift work.  She began to notice her body fat rising and her energy depleting.  Flavia knew she had to make a change, so she began to study nutrition ,exercise and just about every diet and workout on the block.  After months of research, mistakes, trial and error, she finally began putting the pieces together.  Flavia and her Husband, invested more than $11,000 into developing the perfect cookbook, which balances, flavor, nutrition, dietary requirements and simplicity into a well crafted, visually stunning and affordable digital cookbook.

Check out all of the delicious recipes right here!

                    Ok…can you possibly elaborate?

What your getting here, is 370 pages, that’s over 150 recipes of fat burning, gluten/soy/wheat/sugar free recipes that are delicious, easy to follow and broken down into varying categories.

After Flavia’s introduction, you will find yourself ready to explore.  The categories are as follows:

  • Breakfast
  • Dressings, Sauces And Rubs
  • Appetizers and Sides
  • Soups & Salads
  • Main Courses
  • Desserts
  • Shakes

Flavia has a few goals in mind…She’s here to educate us on common myths and misconceptions of mainstream nutrition.  She discusses nutrition lies like ‘Eggs are Evil,’ ‘Too Much Protein is Bad for your Bones and Kidneys and ‘Avoid Saturated Fat,’ among many more.  She’s also out to debunk some of the major flaws in mainstream cookbooks; such as emphasis on the wrong carbs, not focusing on food allergies and loading up on hormone sabotaging ingredients.

In addition to the awesome recipes, you can also get few bonuses that are worth mentioning, including; Recipe Quick Sheets, Grocery Lists, The 3-day delicious diet and How to Cook 15 Meal in 50 minutes.

                       So what isn’t so good?

As with Fat Burning Chef, this is an e-book, so for all you coffee table book lovers, this may not be for you.  As I’ve mentioned, you can always bring the tablet or laptop into the kitchen.

There is also virtually no workout components that are associated with the recipes, remember, healthy eating is key, but fitness is also your friend!

Healthy eating is expensive!  An investment in you though is priceless.

Why do I think it’s so great?

Well, as previously mentioned, I love food!  I also love delicious and healthy food, with easy to follow recipes and weight loss solutions.  My boyfriend is especially in love with this cookbook and has been going crazy for some of the desserts including; gluten free oat cakes and chocolate dipped frozen banana bites.

I think the layout is slick and well informed.  I’m also a fan of the digital aspect, considering were always throwing our ipad into the mix.  Most of all though, this cookbook is genuine.  It’s a person like you and I, who was fed up with the rest and decided to do something about it.  I would highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who wants to burn some fat, cut out the fillers plaguing our society and enjoy relevant and wonderful food! 

Eat and feel great, check it out!

Watch an in depth review right here

Check out the official website!



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