6 Minutes to Skinny $27 4/5


6-Minutes-to-Skinny-a-6-minute-shift-to-your-morning-routine-to-naturally-lose-weight-fast  Quick Snapshot:

  • Simple and great for every fitness level
  • Look and feel awesome without spending your life in the gym
  • Perfect for on the road
  • Targets Metabolic Cycling (work out when your body wants you to!)
  • Gets your metabolism rolling early on in the day, with delicious shake recipes

What is it in a nutshell?

Six-Minutes to Skinny is the brainchild of fitness and nutrition expert extraordinaire Craig Ballantyne.  This fine gentleman brought us one of the most effective fat burning and lean muscle programs- ‘Turbulence Training.’  The key focus here folks is time and simplicity; time is precious and most of us don’t have much of it!  The fantastic thing about this solution is, it’s designed for the busy Man or Woman, who want’s to look and feel great without spending their life in the gym.

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Get your skinny on!!

6 Minutes To Skinny

                Ok…could you possibly elaborate?

Right off the bat, here’s what you get:

The Main System: a PDF manual providing you with an overview of the system and the scientific and medical references for your reading pleasure.

6 Minutes to Skinny Morning Boost Videos – 6 videos covering varying topics, so you can decide which one attracts you most.

Morning Metabolic Boost Recipes – Shakes baby Shakes!  A set of tasty and natural ingredient shake recipes to get your metabolism grooving for your workout videos.

7 Day fast Start Guide – A step by step blueprint to save you even more time to get you through the materials and kick start the process into high gear!

 The primary focus of this system and solution is Metabolic Cycling.

Ok…and what exactly is this magical Metabolic Cycling?

Simply put, it’s following your body’s natural cycles…not forcing anything like yo-yo dieting, extraneous workouts or trying to combat your natural fat burning cycles.

It all starts early in the morning, involving a specific pattern of movements, specific food and ingredients that lead to natural hormonal changes in your body, meaning your body is set up to burn fat for energy.

This 6 minute morning workouts coupled with a metabolic cycle meal is claimed by Craig to boost fat burning by up to 450% through the day, basically quadrupling your fat loss. The workout is a 5 day a week program, consisting of simple and fast movements meant to improve confidence and energy.  This also boost enzymes which are responsible for burning fat fuel.


Here’s a few of the key points Craig want’s you to remember:

If you’re on the road for work and you want to stay in shape…“6-Minutes to Skinny” will help.*

If you’re busy and hate going to the gym…“6-Minutes to Skinny” is your answer.*

If you’re sick and tired of slaving away on a treadmill for no results… then you’ll LOVE your “6-Minutes to Skinny” results.

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   So what isn’t so good?

 If you want something more comprehensive then this may not be for you.  As mentioned, this solution if for the on the go person who doesn’t want to devote endless hours of their time.  I know people who are….lets say, fanatic, even obsessive and something like this would not fulfill their needs.

Some could also argue, there isn’t enough ‘meat’ I.E. workout DVD’s, extensive reading material, this relates to my previous point and comes back to ‘how much do you really want?’

                                  Why do I think it’s so great?

Well straight up, it’s simple!  I love simplicity, it marries the beauty of science and nutrition and keep things quick and painless.  It promotes energy, vetoes unhealthy food cravings and and churns out fast and permanent weight loss.  It’s definitely affordable and there’s a 60 day money back guarantee.  I would recommend this solution to anyone who wants scientifically proven results that are fast, healthy and effective!

See the official video and website right here
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6 Minutes To Skinny
Take a look at the following videos for a first hand perspective:

Want to purchase or see more?  Check out the website
Find out more here!

6 Minutes To Skinny


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