Fat Burning Chef $37 4.5/5



Quick Snapshot:

  • The most comprehensive Paleo digital cookbook on the web
  • Delicious and exciting recipes
  • Learn how to stock your kitchen and be a paleo pro!
  • Stay lean without drugs, supplements or crazy diets
  • Online support system

What is it in a nutshell?

Ok, there’s gotta be a Paleo recipe review on here, it’s all the rage for 2015!  I did my research, decided to purchase Fat Burning Chef and this by far is the most comprehensive of them all.  People are going gaga for this one.  Fat Burning Chef was developed by Abel James (of Fat Burning Man and The Fat Burning Man show.)  Abel has worked with 20 of the who’s who in Paleo cooking and the end result is nothing short of fantastic.


Check out the official website!

The contributors are:

Ok…Could You Possibly Elaborate?

Well what is Paleo first of all?  Google defins Paleo as “a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.”

Ok, so it’s pretty much what the cavemen ate!


Learn more at Fat Burning Chef’s official website!
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Now Abel did his research and has compiled a comprehensive, attractive and formidable cookbook and kitchen guide that features the best of the best in Paleo!  He begins the guide by explaining ‘how to stock a paleo kitchen,’ which includes all the ins and the outs of proper paleo stocking; utensils, equipment and strategies to sourcing the best and freshest ingredients.

His claim is “you can lose fat and stay lean permanently without drugs, supplements or crazy workouts.”

People around the world are taking to the Paleo diet and the results include weight loss, energy, improved performance and recovery and the elusive restored youth.  

Alright, now lets get to the goods; the recipes.  Your getting over 150 delicious and extensive recipes in 10 categories, spanning the spectrum of meals; including snacks, sides, soups, appetizers, breakfast, desserts and of course MEAT!

The recipes are easy to follow and include total preparation time, plus a pretty little picture of the desired end result.  Believe me their tasty!

Get into the paleo lifestyle! Click here!

Abel also includes video coaching, which allows you to understand the fastest and most effective way to lose belly fat.

Here’s what your paying for with the standard package:

  • The Fat burning chef ‘ebook’
  • A 2nd fat burning chef copy licence to share with whoever you like
  • Cooking tips from the who’s who in paleo
  • A special paleo Christmas cookbook e-guide
  • Abel James video coaching files


Check out the official website!

So what isn’t so good?

Well this is an e-book, so if you prefer a physical cookbook, then this may not be for you.  Remember though, you can always fire up your tablet for use in the kitchen.

Some have also argued that this book doesn’t delve very far into the history/science behind paleo.  If you want a more comprehensive explanation, I would suggest doing your own research. (We have this thing now called the internet.;)

Why do I think it’s so great?

Well if you haven’t jumped on the paleo train yet, this would be a perfect launching pad.  Believe me I’ve done my research and am loving the recipes.  This is the most informed, best researched and easiest to follow solution.  It’s attractive, extensive and full of life.

Fat Burning Chef covers all of the food categories, allergies (dairy free, egg free, nut free, sugar free, vegan and vegetarian) and has a support system if required.  It’s affordable, considering the amount of detail and would be the ideal way to immerse yourself into the hottest diet right now!

Purchase Now!


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